Saturday, May 12, 2007

Communal Items

As mentioned here, this is a list of Communal Items, available for placement on parcels in the Linji Haven and Peronaut mainland rental communities.

If you are a Linji Haven or Peronaut tenant and would like one of these objects for personal use, please contact Ged Larsen and specificy which object(s) and how many. A copy will be placed on your parcel, set to "Share with group," so that you can position and modify it (if permissions allow).

If you like these items, please support the creators by recommending their items or by purchasing their other products!



  • Living Creek (by Zora Spoonhammer) (modifications by Ged Larsen, for standing pools)


  • (none purchased yet)

Poses / Animations
  • Siggy's Waterworks Animations: Chillin', Layin', Sunnin', Lay back, Laazin', Relax (by Siggy Romulus, WaterWorks (177, 39, 25) ): chosen by Sierra Mills 2007-05-21

Suggestions for future purchases welcome!