Monday, April 2, 2007

Linji, idea for shared prefabs

Caliah Lyon (who has excellent taste) suggested that I check out prefab builds by Barnesworth Anubis. And they ARE really really nice builds, for the residential as well as commercial work. Someday, I'd like to have a script thingie store, and one of these might work nicely.

But the above advertisement got me thinking -- if there was interest, I'd be willing to purchase the 11-store pack, and share them out on Linji Group-deeded land. They are "COPY/MOD" and I think it would be fair use, so long as they weren't "over-used".

I'd like to place that nice park bench, maybe a pair or two in each Linji Haven Protected Land area (even though I know they'll be a bit prim-expensive, they just look nice!). The table / umbrella / chairs might also be nice, if anyone felt inclined to build a cafe.

I'm more likely to go ahead with this if anybody else will get use out of a pre-fab store front, too. If it's just me, then I might as well just get things separately.

Any interest?

Edited to add: this collection has been purchased. All components are now available to any Linji Haven residents upon request.