Thursday, April 5, 2007

Linji Haven has filled

Linji Haven has filled -- all parcels have now been claimed.

In the future, further announcements will be moved to Linji Haven's own blog page at, provided and administered, thanks to Gabriel Watanabe.

A public forum is also in the process of being set-up, administered by Gabriel Watanabe and Crispin Cleanslate -- -- and I would encourage residents to comment, discuss, request, and contribute anything and everything they would like.

I'd like to thank everybody for their support!

Founding Members of Linji Haven
  • Ged Larsen
  • Sierra Mills
  • Taffy Allandale
  • Gabriel Watanabe
  • Eleanora Newell
  • Stephen Bentham / Caliah Lyon
  • camilla Yosuke
  • Charron Marseille / Roslin Petion / Morgaine Maktoum
  • Euterpe Zagoskin
  • Shizuka Hayashida
  • Tigress Jewell
  • Crispin Cleanslate
  • Tiy Ferraris
  • Harriet Hallard
  • Tamala Tombola
  • JH + Jessie Gervasi
  • Patric Rotunno + Theodote Carthage
It's silly, but I think I'm going to ask that somebody create a little chunk of prim rock, with our names "engraved" in it, to place in our central public park. Nothing Starax-like, but I think it'd be nice to commemorate our achievement. Any volunteers?