Wednesday, May 30, 2007


LinkRez, a necklace chain generating tool

LinkRez is a tool to help position single or multi-prim "links" into a customizable necklace chain shaped as closely as possible to an avatar's neck. It can also place those same links into bracelets or rings.

LinkRez is NOW AVAILABLE at:
LinkRez Reviews and Comments

LinkRez is distrubuted COPY / NO TRANSFER. However, necklaces created with LinkRez can be easily made FULL permissions, with you as the creator.

(precision placement of 5 mm links)

  • necklaces can be PRECISELY fit to individual avatars, with customization of:
    • necklace chain width
    • front and back length
    • front and back "drop"
    • curvature shape
    • rounded vs. pointed fronts

  • can use necklace chain links made up of single or multiple prims

  • can use prims with unusual "center points", positional and rotational offsets (including "tortured prims")

  • precise placement of links to be perfectly touching, with sub-millimeter accuracy; links will NOT be "bunched up" or "spaced apart"

  • supports links that lie "flat" on the body, "alternating" chain links, "incrementing" twisting links, "constant" offset from flat-lying links, or "randomly" rotated

  • supports link rotational placements appropriate for necklaces or bracelets / rings (even skirts)

  • simple chat commands for single link-type necklaces

  • full-featured notecard-driven necklace program that support the use of an unlimited number of different link types in a necklace, with different link rotations and sizes, and repeated segments of necklace links

  • necklaces are created with your own links, so necklaces are FULL PERMISSIONS, with you as the creator

(5 different link types, arranged by a LinkRez notecard program)


LinkRez can place hundreds of links, each with 1 or more prims. You will need access to an area where you can rez at least 100 and preferably 200 or more prims. Some sandboxes are NO SCRIPT zones. Although this can be circumvented at high enough altitudes, LinkRez may be inappropriate for use in public spaces, as it is both prim and script intensive.

LinkRez is a POWERFUL tool, and with its myriad features comes significant complexity. Although it's very easy to generate a simple necklace, to get the full benefit of using LinkRez, you should feel comfortable with:
  • basic prim manipulation and familiarity with the Edit options
  • advanced prim manipulation (i.e., working with tiny, even tortured prims)
  • have good camera control to view small objects
  • using Edit Linked Parts to move, resize, and rotate individual prims in a Linked set
  • add and manipulate items within a prim's Contents
  • edit notecards

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Links to tutorials, documentation, FAQs

I would VERY highly recommend working through the entire tutorial, from the beginning to end. It will start with a very simple introduction, and then introduce you to more and more advanced features, until you will be familiarized with all of power features available.

LinkRez Tutorial

Part I
  • Introduction to LinkRez: what comes in the box?
  • Lesson 1: creating a necklace in less than a minute with one word (TEST)
  • Lesson 2: changing the orientation of the necklace links (LINKTYPE, LINKANGLE)
  • Lesson 3: custom sizing the necklace: using the Guide Ellipses
  • Lesson 4: changing the shape of the necklace (BEND, PENDANT)
  • Lesson 5: tweaking details of necklaces, bracelets, and rings (EVENLINKS, ODDLINKS, BRACELET, NECKLACE)
Part II
  • Lesson 6: custom links, the Sizing Board, and the LINK command
  • Lesson 7: necklaces with different links: using notecard programs
  • Lesson 8: more powerful notecard programs, repeating sets of links (REPEAT, REPEATUNTIL, ENDREPEAT)

Tips, tricks, and ideas

Frequently Asked Questions / Troubleshooting

Command list

Reviews and Comments

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