Thursday, May 31, 2007

Linji Sim news and plans

There has been a bit of flux in the Linji Sim, with some tenants moving on and others moving in. I want to thank Tamala Tombola, Harriet Hallard, and Charron Marseilles for joining in at the beginning, and wish them the best. And, of course, I want to welcome some new people: Anhayla Lycia and ImagineIt Lane!

Change isn't always a bad thing -- as rental parcels opened up, it offered an opportunity to re-parcel and improve.

One of my biggest regrets about the Linji Sim was that better planning wasn't made for better road and park access -- it was always a goal, but never actually got done. Learning from this, Peronaut Sim was designed from the beginning to have roads, paths, and parks.

Also, parcels in Linji Sim were all made up of 32 m x 32 m (1,024 sq m) square blocks. This caused a lot of problems, because 2,048 sq m plots were long and skinny, and 3,072 parcels were L-shaped, making it VERY difficult to place larger builds, despite the large area. After Linji Sim filled to 100%, there was no easy "wiggle room" to try to address these short-comings.

But now, with some tenant flux, I've been able to shift things around. I particularly wanted to thank Cripin Cleanslate and Patric Rotunno for being so very open-minded about some of these changes, affording me a lot of flexibility, to help us all out.

Changes already completed:
  • Crispin's (3,072), Tamala's vacated (2,048 sqm), and protected (1,024 sqm) parcels: new road segment and 2 mini-parks

A LOT more changes in the works, affecting:
  • Stephen's vacated (5,120 sqm), Charron's vacated (4,096 sqm), Taffy's (2,048 sqm), the Gervasi's (3,072 sqm)
  • possibly Patric's (2,048 sqm) and a protected parcel (1,024 sqm)
  • NO changes will be made to parcels belonging to current tenants UNLESS they desire the change
  • I hope that very shortly, an interior circumferential path will soon connect most of us, and that some additional "spokes" will conect the rest
Here's the current set-up, and a proposed one. Current Linji:

Proposed Linji:

Proposed Changes Summary:
  • Gervasi squared off from previous "L"-shape (approved)
  • Patric squared off from previous long shape, and has entire edge bordering 1024 public park, as previously (awaiting Patric's comments)
  • 608 sqm previously rented area given up for roads (in brown)
    • road goes past Patric, new "2048", corner of Gervasi, and halfway down Shizuka
  • two central "odd-sized" lots of 1760 and 1664 sq m
    • should still be buildable for small stores, with nice central placement
  • central 2048 sqm has black bordered area for continuation of brown road
  • Shizuka says she's willing to donate a segment for road continuation (awaiting confirmation)
  • road will continue down blue Ged parcel (approved by me ;)
  • road will HOPEFULLY continue between Sierra and Caliah (Muse) parcel to public area (awaiting comments)

Once we collaboratively come up with a plan acceptable to everyone, I am going to do my best to bully Sierra Mills into creating the central public park space, waterside park space, and space between Patric and Taffy's new space.

Oh, and be sure to read the next blog post. It's about rent drops, primarily affecting 2,048 and 3,072 sq m parcel owners.