Saturday, May 12, 2007

Communal item shopping sprees

To help foster community in the the sister Linji Haven and Peronaut rental sims, I've always wanted to support shared items. To help this, I will maintain an updated list of shared communal items, which upon request, can be placed on a tenant's rental parcels.

To further promote this, I'd like to make an offer: for sims that are fully rented, each week one tenant will be asked to select ANY purchase up to L$1,000, for a communal item. I will purchase the item, and then make it available to all tenants, in either Sim, upon request.

Communal item requirements:
  • items MUST have Copy permissions (otherwise, only a single resident could benefit from the purchase)
  • they MUST NOT require significant configuration (i.e., no items that will require me to read documentation, edit configuration notecards, etc.)
  • otherwise, anything goes, and I will almost certainly NOT exercise any sort of "veto power" (well, except against giant spinning particle-spewing advertisements). However, I think items that are likely to benefit as many people as possible (i.e., landscaping, furniture, etc.) would be best!

Tenants will be chosen in the order that they joined the community, once a week.

For the Linji Haven Sim, the order would be:
  • Sierra Mills
  • Taffy Allandale
  • Gabriel Watanabe
  • Eleanora Newell
  • Stephen Bentham / Caliah Lyon
  • camilla Yosuke
  • Charron Marseille / Roslin Petion / Morgaine Maktoum
  • Euterpe Zagoskin
  • Shizuka Hayashida
  • Tigress Jewell
  • Crispin Cleanslate
  • Tiy Ferraris
  • Harriet Hallard
  • JH + Jessie Gervasi
  • Patric Rotunno + Theodote Carthage
  • Anhayla Lycia

Once Peronaut Sim fills, the order will be:
  • D3: Johanna Hyacinth
  • D1: Lizbeth Saenz and Adriana Gustafson
  • C3: Nefertiti Nefarious
  • A4: Stuart Simonds
  • B3: Gabriel Watanabe
  • E2: Bodhisatva Paperclip
  • E4: Cameron Yip
  • C1: Kitten Sautereau
  • B1: Sierra Mills
  • E3: Axienne DeVaux
  • C4: Lucien Franciosa
  • E5: Shizuka Hayashida
  • A2: Mic Mills
  • E1b: Tigress Jewell
  • A1: Beauty Rosca
Items chosen by tenants will be added to the Communal Items page, listing who selected it and the date. I will definitely keep this offer going at least long enough to give everyone a chance to pick something, and depending on how popular / successful the program is, may choose to continue the program as long as possible.

Feel free to post comments to this page to suggest specific items that we all might be interested in checking out. Let the shopping begin!