Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Peronaut Sim, more tenants, and some ideas

A new tenant (and 2 "maybes")!

It was a pleasantly active night for the Peronaut mainland rental sim. Three people expressed interest, and one (Bodhisatva Paperclip) has decided to join the community! I got a chance to visit his previous home, and it was a lovely wooded grove, with streams, waterfalls, bridges, etc. I'm feeling really fortunate.

The two others (Axienne and Kitten) have mentioned which plots they're considering. We'll see!

How about another public park?

More and more, I think that what makes a pleasant sim is not only nice builds, but also nice parks. It's clear that the central Peronaut Park has driven up the "desirability" of the neighboring parcels. Sierra Mills did such a great job with the park, that I claimed parcel B2 for my new home, overlooking the pond.

I already think Peronaut is beautiful, but then I got to thinking tonight, even more public spaces would further improve it. I'm very seriously considering making B4 into another public park; sort of a little oasis, surrounded by a number of rental parcels. It's a flat parcel, unlike the central park, which should make for a nice contrast in styles.

And a boat launch?

Lastly, Bodhisatva mentioned in passing his hopes for a boat launch, and I realized that the corner parcel that I've been holding on to has fairly little "buildable land" (and I am completely unwilling to "pave over" the water), but a GOOD amount of water. Hmmm... I'm really liking the idea of a small public boat launch, especially if we get lucky enough to have the two neighboring sims keep some sort of waterway open.

I'm very excited with how Peronaut is shaping up. :)