Wednesday, May 30, 2007

LinkRez Command List

LinkRez Chat Command List

Default chat channel to use commands: /1

  • ## is a number greater than 1.0
  • 1.0 will have the necklace follow the guide ellipse exactly
  • the bigger ## is, the farther out from the guide ellipse the necklace will go
  • 1.3 to 1.5 seems to work OK, but I want YOU all to tell me what works for you

  • ## is a number between 0.0 and 1.0
  • 0.0 is a perfectly rounded front
  • 1.0 is a completely pointy front

  • ## is one of ["FLAT", "INCREMENT", "ALTERNATE", "RANDOM", "CONSTANT"]
  • FLAT against body
    • when FLAT is set, the LINKANGLE setting is ignored
    • this is equivalent to using /1 LINKTYPE CONSTANT and /1 LINKANGLE 0
  • INCREMENT the angle of each successive link by LINKANGLE
  • ALTERNATE the angle of each successive link by plus or minus LINKANGLE
  • RANDOM -- spins the link randomly along the axis of the necklace
  • CONSTANT -- applies a constant angle change from the "FLAT" angle

  • ## is a number in DEGREES that LINKTYPE INCREMENT, ALTERNATE, and CONSTANT uses

  • ## is one of ["SPLIT", "FOLLOW"]
  • determines whether the links "SPLIT" from the front, or "FOLLOW" one another
  • important when the link is NOT symmetric, along various axes

  • rezzes pairs of links only
  • this is the default

  • rezzes a single front and center link, and then paired links subsequently
  • looks good with rounded fronts (low PENDANT), and terrible for pointy fronts

  • using the necklace parametersabove, rezzes a "test necklace" made up of Temp-On-Rez links, so you can more easily test how well the necklace will fit

LINK LINKNAME~LENGTH~rotOffset~posOffset
  • create a necklace made up of a SINGLE prim type, without needing to use a notecard program
  • LINKNAME is the case-sensitive name of the link to be rezzed
  • LENGTH is the length in MILLIMETERS (not meters), of each link
  • rotOffset and posOffset are OPTIONAL: if they are not included, they will be assumed to be ZERO_ROTATION and ZERO_VECTOR
  • you can get LINKNAME~LENGTH~rotOffset~posOffset from the sizing board
  • e.g., LINK oval~6 --> rezzes an entire necklace using prim "oval", treating each oval as 6 millimeters long

RUN ##
  • run an entire necklace notecard program ##

  • changes the chat channel for commands to ##

  • toggles showing and hiding the guide ellipse / disk plane

  • to prevent inadvertent infinite loops of rezzing, if a rez limit is exceeded, the script stops
  • defaults to 300 links rezzed
  • you can change the limit to ##

  • resets the script and guide ellipses
  • unfortunately, will only work if the script is not currently doing anything

  • delay time in seconds, between rezzing each link
  • defaults to 0, which should be completely fine

NECKLACE (default)
  • rotations in front and back of necklace are appropriate for use as a necklace

  • rotations in front and back of necklace are appropriate for use as a bracelet or ring
  • it's important to note that BRACELET does NOT change the size or shape of the rezzed object
  • to make a bracelet, you'll want to
    • 1) decrease the SIZE of both the front and back guide ellipses
    • 2) rotate the guide ellipses so that there is no "bend" between the front and back
  • what the BRACELET setting does is keep the links in the same orientation between the front and back halves of the rezzed object