Friday, May 25, 2007


What do you get, when you combine:

You get a sort of Frankenstein combination of Kindergarten project, spray-painted plywood, 60's hippie flower-power, smoothly color gradated, link-alternating necklace.

The necklace links that LinkRez creates are generally NOT scripted (unlike LoopRez skirt panels), so there's not really very much you can "do" to the necklace links. But, when a script rezzes an object, it can pass a single integer of information to it.

Integers in LSL range from minus to plus 2 billion or so. So, I figured that it should be easy enough to pass "necklace position information" encoded in that integer, and then have a single temporary script in the necklace link decode that position information, transform it into a color vector, set the link color, and then delete itself.

A lot less gaudy might have been a single hue of color, ranging from lighter to darker, but I wanted maximum ridiculousness.

Practically, however, this doesn't really serve too much purpose, as the script would HAVE to be tweaked for each and every different necklace. But, it was silly, it was geeky, it was gaudy, and it was possible, so I had to do it.