Thursday, June 28, 2007

LinkRez Reviews and Comments

LinkRez Reviews and Comments

  • Just working through the LinkRez Tutorial. Boy, am I impressed! Not only is the jewelry great, but the programming level is fantastic. I didn't know your could do such things in LSL. I have some similar operations I'd like to do, and knowing that it's possible will be an inspiration. - WJ

  • Hey! I just wanted to IM you and THANK you for making such a fun and amazing tool! this LinkRez is a blast to use, super easy and I can't believe the fun I'm havin just playing with it! WHOOT! - BM

  • omg! is seems like all i dreamed about! :) the creator is a magican... the most usefull tool i ever bought - DY

  • just wanted to say i think your link rez program for making necklaces is one of the best programs i have tried yet in sl - SV

  • Great product. ... I am afraid to even think what a math mind like yours looks like inside I will just say ... GREAT JOB !!! - A

  • I have bought alot of things around SL that either didn't work straight out of the box, broke shortly after starting to use, or was just flat out poor quality, but the LinkRez has NONE of these issues! It not only does what it says it does, it couldn't produce better results in my opinion! It is super easy to use, and I had created 3 necklaces that were better quality than anything else I had ever made within 1 hour!
    Instructions are pretty straight forward and easy to follow. So long as you read them, you should have no problem getting beautiful, stunning results!
    A+ Product! - SL

  • I am an owner of your linkrez. AWSOME piece of equipment -RL

  • the price is great, I started playing with this so excited I tp'd right to your store and forgot I was half dressed and had prims sticking out all over me (work related I assure you)So far I love it thank you thank you! - PP

  • I've been working with Link Rez and Ged, you knows I love it! - EN

  • It's something unbelievable! -T

  • This is so wicked cool! Good stuff! - RC

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