Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A real-time demo kiosk for LinkRez

Getting very close to a release! One thing I wanted to do before releasing LinkRez was to have a display model that people could click on to actually see the tool in action, in real-time.

It took me a few days, but I wrote a little dialog-driven "control" script, to allow users to choose one of nine or so necklace programs for the LinkRez Demo to run, to generate necklace chains. Please go on over to Script Thingies, Linji (151, 230, 67), and try it out!

One note though -- because it is actually DOING all the calculations to create the necklaces (not just rezzing previously generated necklaces), while running, it's probably inflicting some serious load onto the Sim. Because of that, I prevent it from rezzing a second necklace until the first one (they're temp-on-rez) has disappeared. So, it could take from 30 seconds to a minute, before you can try out a second necklace.

Lastly, I've created a new group -- "Script Thingies." Because we're limited to a maximum of 25 groups, it doesn't make sense to create a new group for each product. Instead, I plan to make all scripting product announcements to this new group. If you're a member of the LoopRez Users group, please feel free to quit that group, and join Script Thingies instead.