Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Linji Haven Public Commons

There's been some more progress with the public spaces of Linji Haven. In addition to some better paths connecting all the stores, Linji now has a Public Commons, Linji (103, 99, 43), complete with a nice koi pond, courtesy of Sierra Mills (which, incidentally, she sells in her store, Simply Sierra's, in Linji).

Linji Haven has become quite the little commercial center, with a good number of really creative people. Here's a picture of the Linji Haven directory in the Commons.

Some residents haven't given me store logos yet, and some stores are still in progress, so not pictured are:
  • Muse jewelry (Caliah Lyon)
  • Image Health & Wellness (ImagineIt Lane)
  • Taffy Apples (Taffy Allandale)
  • D-Skin (DynamiteTanaka Payne)
  • LUSH studio (Scarlet Singer)

Since getting LinkRez out, I've had time to catch up on some small projects and other things that have been languishing on my To Do list. One was to take the public signboard that estate manager Sierra Mills created, and script the directory to be more useful. I wrote an "object giver" script and combined it with the public WarpPos() teleportation hack, and loaded up each of the shop logos in the directory.

If you click on a logo, you can:
  • "Get LM" (replaces "Touch") to have it give you a landmark to the store
    • actually, it'll give you ALL notes, objects, and landmarks that are loaded in the prim

  • "Teleport" (replaces "Sit") to have you instantaneously teleport to the landmark
    • I plan to update the script, so that if there are multiple LM's in the logo prim, it'll pop up a Dialog window and let you choose which location you'd like to teleport to
It'd be silly, but I could also script the signboard to randomize, or keep alphabetized, the various store logos.