Friday, June 8, 2007

LinkRez v1.0... released...

I've released LinkRez v1.0, available at ScriptThingies Linji (151, 230, 67) -- I hope you all like it! I guess we can call this the grand opening of the store, too.

If you don't know what LinkRez is, it's a necklace chainlink generator -- check out this link for lots of information. Then, stop by the store and try out the LinkRez DEMO, which lets you see some the tool in action.

If you buy LinkRez, be sure to pick up the L$1 purple "LinkRez Tool Box #1", which contains a bunch of practice micro-links, already sized, as well as LinkRez program notecards, to get you started more quickly.

Join the open membership "Script Thingies" group, for announcements and user-to-user product support.

And finally, keep an eye out for a "L$500 rebate program" for LinkRez purchasers, who are willing to share an interesting prim or linkset.

Phew, I'm tired... But it's a good tired. LinkRez is finally out!