Saturday, April 21, 2007

Peronaut: new mainland rental sim

Peronaut, a mixed residential / commercial mainland rental sim without casinos, clubs, camping, or eyesores. Beautiful park, nice walking paths, and ocean views.
17 parcels claimed
0 parcels reserved
6 parcels remaining

Parcels in Peronaut Sim AVAILABLE

After my very positive experiences with the Linji Haven mainland rental sim, I've decided to try another mainland rental sim -- the Peronaut Sim, with improvements (I think) from lessons learned.

Again, it's an unthemed sim, with a generally sensible covenant that tries to keep it as pleasant as possible. The sim itself is beautiful, with both nice flat areas and rolling hills, as well as access to water.

Parcels are now available for rent. The Peronaut Covenant is very similar to that of Linji Sim. Some differences include:
  • setting aside dedicated land for roads and paths, as well as a single large central park, rather than small protected parcels
    • this park is shaping up REALLY nicely, with a pond at top, waterfall segments, and a wandering stream to the ocean
  • pre-defined sizes and shapes of the available parcels, which are now all either 2,048 or 3,072 sq m
  • "squaring off" the parcels, so that they are more usable, than the 32 x 64 m (2,048 sq m) parcels frequently found in Linji
  • the covenant is changed to be a bit stricter about build heights, because that was occasionally an issue in Linji
Rental parcels are again going to be made available in a first-come, first-served basis. Like before, if you are interested, contact Sierra Mills (or Ged Larsen), or post a comment here, with your SL name and which parcel you are interested in. We can "reserve" the parcel for you for 3 days or so, after which we'll again make it available to other people.

Peronaut Public Park:

Parcels claimed:

  • E1 / B2: Ged Larsen
  • D3: Johanna Hyacinth
  • D1: Lizbeth Saenz and Adriana Gustafson
  • C3: Nefertiti Nefarious
  • A4: Stuart Simonds
  • B3: Gabriel Watanabe
  • E2: Bodhisatva Paperclip
  • E4: Cameron Yip
  • C1: Kitten Sautereau
  • B1: Sierra Mills
  • E3: Axienne DeVaux
  • C4: Lucien Franciosa / Caliae Jewell
  • E5: Shizuka Hayashida
  • A2: Mic Mills
  • E1b: Tigress Jewell
  • A1: Beauty Rosca

Parcels reserved (held for 3 days):

  • (no current reservations)