Tuesday, January 9, 2007

improving loopRez

I've been working on a significantly enhanced version of the original loopRez script. I hope to optimize it for generating skirts, simplifying the process, and making it more flexible and powerful for adjusting parameters. It'd be very helpful to get feedback from skirt designers who've used the original loopRez skirt regarding suggestions / ideas to make the process easier or more helpful.

The original loopRez script, I've always intended to be freely distributed for everyone to do with as they wish -- a contribution to the SL community. But, camping for L$ gets really boring, so the enhanced version will likely be sold.

Some enhancements already incorporated include:
  • voice commands to change all parameters (so you don't have to go into the script to edit things)
  • changing parameters results in real-time changes to the skirt object (so as you try out different settings, you can _immediately_ see the changes reflected in your skirt)
  • the ability to evenly space the panels around the perimeter of the ellipse (at some speed cost)
  • voice command to change flexi parameters of the panels, on-the-fly, to help find the appropriate flexi settings
  • allowing you to use template objects, and select which shape / color / texture / flex parameters to transfer to your skirt
  • using the loopRez object as a pose stand, so you can adjust the skirt as it is being designed, on your avatar

Ideas, from talking with Sylvia Campbell (TUI) and reading Natalia Zelmanov's tutorial:
  • automatic linking all skirt panels to a centered object, to assist in attachment point adjustments
  • using arrow / movement keys to make adjustments, rather than either going into the script OR typing annoying voice commands
  • using dialog windows and/or HUD interaction to further improve the interface
If people have other ideas / suggestions, I'd really like to hear them. Comment here, or send me a notecard in-world. Sending me IM's in world sometimes doesn't work, because the client frequently crashes while I'm AFK camping, and the IM's get lost.