Sunday, January 14, 2007

LSL bloatware, and being antisocial

I feel like I've become a mini-Micro$oft, producing bloatware with unwanted and unnecessary "features". Yes, I ran into my first out-of-memory, stack-heap collision script crash.

The business end of LoopRez does the majority of its work in about 15 lines of code. Yet somehow, over the past month, with who knows how many hours of script twiddling, I now have 3 interacting scripts consisting of >1,200 lines of code.

Oh well. Perhaps the world of SL doesn't really want or need a motion-key capturing, multi-level dialog window using, chat-commanded, calculus-simulating, prim-panel feature duplicating, auto-object linking, floating status text-indicating, real-time interactive skirt generating tool. Time to cut out the useless stuff, and just leave the basics in place.

(Or perhaps, to remove just enough so that it all works again...)

I think that if SL is going to stay fresh and interesting, I'm going to have to get off the 600m in the air platform I've been hanging out on, and get back out into the "normal" SL world to see things, explore places, and meet people. SL can be a lonely place, all by yourself on a platform, and I think it's been getting to me.