Tuesday, January 16, 2007

loopRez, and people's "posteriors"

I came across this complaint about flexi-skirts on the SL forums:

Interesting. But a question I have always wanted to ask designers: why do most flexi skirts expose the butt? The flexi always seems to start halfway down the butt or lower. Even editing doesn't seem to fix this. I always guessed it was an SL limitation as there are only few designers who have totally got it right with this IMO...so is there a limitation? Like AV feet and skinners - it's just hard?

Natalia has also mentioned something about this. The reason, I assume, is that the flexi prims are phantom, and hang downwards from the waist. In front, it's OK for them to hang downwards, but in back, the avatar's "posterior" goes outwards from the waist, so the flexi prims drop straight through that part of the AV's body.

I think I've got some ideas on how to tweak this in skirts, and reduce the problem... It should even be pretty easy. Hmmm...