Saturday, January 27, 2007

LoopRez Deluxe Documentation

LoopRez Deluxe Documentation

This is primarily a list of commands. If you are new to using LoopRez Deluxe, the following are the most useful places to start:

Command List

  • rezzed panels are automatically linked together
  • must be typed BEFORE rezzing the panels
  • type it again to turn it off
  • causes a 1 second per panel delay (because LSL's llCreateLink command forces a delay)
  • with Second Life being so buggy and laggy, some users were unable to link more than 6-8 panels at a time; this command should bypass that problem, at the cost of a 1 second per panel delay

  • adds an extra ## degrees of flare angle to the backside of a skirt
  • helps prevent the effect of prim panels emerging from the buttocks and upper thighs of avatars

  • changes the channel that LoopRez Deluxe listens on for chat commands
  • i.e., if you typed /1 channel 0; all subsequent commands would be listened to on the public, regular chat channel
  • default is 1

/1 CIRCLE ##
  • changes both WIDTH and DEPTH to ## meters, forming a circle instead of an ellipse

/1 DELAY ##
  • delays panel rezzing by ## seconds between each rez
  • helps if you are having problems running in the SL "grey goo" barrier
  • if the "grey goo" barrier prevents some panels from rezzing, the best way to recover is:
    • select and link all the panels that DID manage to rez with the central Metal Ball
    • issue a /1 DIE command
    • increase /1 DELAY to 0.5 or 1 second
    • touch the rezzer again to re-rez the panels

/1 DEPTH ##
  • changes the front-to-back DEPTH of the skirt to ## meters
  • contrast to /1 WIDTH

/1 DIE
  • causes all panels LINKED to the central Little Metal Ball to delete themselves
  • does NOT reset the scripts, so parameters are retained for use with the next rezzing (i.e., number of objects, width, depth, and seen prim parameters / textures)
  • contrast with /1 RESET

  • issues when you are FINISHED with the skirt
  • causes all scripts with the skirt panels to self-delete, as well as re-linking the skirt to a new central object

  • this toggles between placing the skirt panels evenly around the ellipse versus allowing them to bunch up a little bit on the ends
  • even spacing is a LOT slower, but might look better with low flare angles
  • the default is NOT even spacing, which is faster and generally looks better with the usual flare angless

/1 FLARE ##
  • this adjusts the number of degrees that each skirt panel will "poof" outwards
  • 90 degrees has the panels sticking straight out, like a ballerina's tutu; 0 degrees has the panels all hanging straight down
  • /1 BACKANGLE adds extra flare angle to the backside of a skirt

  • lists the available commands and current settings

/1 NUMBER ##
  • changes the number of skirt panels to rez
  • if entered AFTER a skirt has already been rezzed, will make the existing panels disappear, and then re-rez the new number of panels, and then (new to v0.8) re-apply any skirt prim parameters it has seen to all the newly rezzed panels
  • limited to 60 now, but if more are needed, the theoretical maximum would be ~255

/1 OBJECT ##
  • changes the name of the Object within the central Little Metal Ball that is rezzed; the default name is "Object"
  • this object MUST contain the morphTarget script
  • the creator of this Object becomes the creator of the final finished skirt (AFTER the /1 DONE command is issued), so replacing this object is the goal of reconfiguring LoopRez Deluxe Commercial Edition to change the skirt creator listed
    • Commercial Edition Users could conceivably load multiple objects with different names, and use this command to have lots of different "starting panels" available

  • this activates the Skirt Programmer to execute a notecard named "##"
  • it MUST be run AFTER the panels have all been rezzed and linked
    • it's probably best to run this command as the LAST thing you do before the /1 DONE command
  • the Skirt Programmer allows you to define a program of skirt panel sizes or colors that varies from panel to panel, all the way around the skirt
  • the notecard must be in the central Little Metal Ball
    • LoopRez Deluxe ships with two notecards in the Little Metal Ball: "skirt rainbow" and "skirt open front"
    • examine these notecards to get a sense of how your own Skirt Programs could be written
  • Skirt Program Notecards
    • must be in the little metal ball
    • start with a line "type~size" or "type~color"
    • optionally follow with the lines:
      • "alpha~##" (## is the color alpha, default 1.0), or
      • "face~##" (## is an integer describing which face to color, default ALL_SIDES)
    • lines:
      • 0~<X, Y, Z> (vector describing the starting size or color at 0 degrees, facing forward)
      • any number of lines ##~<X, Y, Z>, describing size / color at points moving around the skirt to the left
      • 360~<X, Y, Z> (vector describing the end position size or color, after coming completely around the skirt)
  • this command is complex enough that I can't promise to fully support it; think of it as a potentially powerful freebie that's included

  • causes all panels LINKED to the central Little Metal Ball to delete themselves
  • and then RESETS the scripts, so all parameters are returned to default settings
  • clears the "prim parameter" memory, so newly rezzed objects will not have the prim parameters of the previous object
  • contrast with /1 DIE

/1 ROTX ##
  • changes the rotation of each panel, around its X-axis
  • if your panels are upside down, but facing outwards correctly, "/1 ROTX 180" might help
  • changing this might mess up the evenness of the hemline

/1 ROTY ##
  • changes the rotation of each panel, around its Y-axis
  • if your panels are upside down and inside out, "/1 ROTY 180" or "/1 ROTY 0" might help
  • changing this might mess up the evenness of the hemline

/1 ROTZ ##
  • changes the rotation of each panel, around its Z-axis
  • if your panels are outside facing in, "/1 ROTZ 180" might help

  • this simulates a "touch" on the central Little Metal Ball, to either start rezzing panels, or receive status information
  • here, because I'm too lazy to click the ball

/1 WIDTH ##
  • changes the side-to-side WIDTH of the skirt to ## meters
  • contrast to /1 DEPTH