Saturday, January 27, 2007

LoopRez Deluxe Commercial Edition, creator configuration

LoopRez Deluxe Commercial Edition has the same functionality and features of the Personal Edition except:
  1. created skirts are TRANSFER, as well as MOD / COPY, so you can sell your creations
  2. with configuration, the CREATOR of the skirt can be changed to yourself
This document describes the somewhat annoying procedure of getting LoopRez Deluxe Commercial Edition configured such that you are listed as the creator. (Don't try this with the Personal Edition -- it will break the script.)

Note: even after being properly configured, skirts that are "In progress" (i.e., before the "/1 DONE" command is sent), will still list Ged Larsen as the creator. This is because the little metal ball that is the root prim during skirt generation is owned by me.

However, after the "/1 DONE" command is sent, the root prim will be swapped over to a little metal ball look-alike, and so the final linked product will list YOU as the creator.

How to re-configure LoopRez Deluxe creator information
  1. Make a backup of your LoopRez Deluxe Commercial Edition package
    • just in case anything goes wrong, you can always start again

  2. Rez a copy of your LoopRez Deluxe object

  3. Delete "Object" out of the inventory of the little metal ball of LoopRez Deluxe
    • i.e., right-click the little metal ball; then select the Contents tab; then right-click "Object" inside the Contents tab and select delete
    • "Object" is the source of each skirt panel; its Creator becomes the creator of the skirt. Your goal in the following steps is to replace the "Object" I created with one that YOU create, so you'll be the new Creator. The annoying part is getting the required script inside it, too.

  4. Create a prim from scratch. Don't change its name, just leave it "Object"
    • i.e., click the Create button (or press CTRL-3), select a prim type, and rez it
    • create it yourself, because this prim will determine the "Creator" of your future skirts
    • you can use just a plain block, OR, you can shape, color, and texture it / set commonly used flexi settings. These settings will be the default initial settings of each panel of skirts that you generate in the future

  5. Drag the MorphTarget script into the contents of your "Object"
    • i.e., click on your new Object and select the Contents tab. Then, drag the MorphTarget script into the Contents

  6. Right-click and "TAKE" your "Object" (now containing the MorphTarget script) back into your inventory

  7. Drag your "Object" (containing the MorphTarget script) from your inventory, INTO the contents of the little metal ball

  8. Select both the pose stand and the little metal ball, and "TAKE" it into your inventory
    • have the edit menu open (CTRL-3), and then LEFT-mouse-click and DRAG a box surrounding the 2 items (thereby selecting them both), and then RIGHT-click one of the items to bring up the pie menu to "TAKE" both items at the same time, into inventory
    • this is your new, customized LoopRez Deluxe, which will generate skirts with YOU as the creator
    • I'd suggest moving the modified generator into a clearly named new folder
    • if you obtained your LoopRez Deluxe after 5-Feb-2007, you might be able to rename the modified LoopRez Deluxe generator (I fixed permissions on 1 recalcitrant object); I need to test this. If it works, it will be included in the next update
    • make a backup copy of it too, so you ever mess up in the future, you won't have to go through these steps again
I told you the steps were annoying, sorry. But, if it all worked, you won't have to do it ever again.