Saturday, January 27, 2007

LoopRez Deluxe video

Here's my first attempt ever at saving a movie and sending it to YouTube. It came out both bigger and blurrier than I thought it would. But for now, it might give you an idea of what LoopRez looks like in action.

This is what you're looking at, in the video:
  1. "touch" the rezzer, to generate 24 panels
    • initially, they are all scattered and unlinked

  2. select all and link

  3. LoopRez Deluxe detects the link, and zips them all into a skirt shape, with panels all facing the correct direction

  4. the "flare" angle is changed a few times

  5. the "width" is increased a little bit, and then decreased again

  6. the "DropScript" is used, using attributes from both of the panels lying off to the side
    • first the "shape" is changed to make it longer
    • then the "flexibility" is adjusted
    • finally the "texture" of the black panel is transferred

  7. the skirt is "finished"
    • all the scripts are removed from the skirt panels
    • the completed skirt is left linked to a root prim that is perfectly centered

  8. voila!
Again, sorry it's a big and blurry download.