Saturday, January 27, 2007

LoopRez Deluxe FAQ

LoopRez Deluxe Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Only some panels rezzed, and now LoopRez isn't working / is doing weird things
  • A: Two things to try (see also "Grey Goo" below):
    • Remove any rezzed panels, by issuing a DIE command:
      • select and link any remaining panels to the little metal ball
      • type "/1 DIE"
      • this will make the leftover panels go away, and you can try again, with the previously set "number, flare, width, depth" settings all intact
    • OR, remove any rezzed panels, and then issue a RESET command:
      • select and link any remaining panels to the little metal ball
      • type "/1 RESET"
      • this will make the leftover panels go away, then reset all scripts back to their default settings (losing any previously entered number, flare, etc. settings)
  • Q: the panels are all upside down / sideways / inside out -- what do I do?
  • A: use the /1 ROTX ##, /1 ROTY ##, /1 ROTZ ## commands. For a BLOCK-prim, the following are good places to start:
    • upside down: /1 ROTX 180
    • sideways: /1 ROTX 90, or /1 ROTX -90
    • inside out: /1 ROTZ 180

  • Q: Hey! The skirt says that YOU are the creator! How do I change the creator to me?
  • A: The process is annoying, but here's a description of the steps you have to go through to re-configure the skirt object. Sorry it's so convoluted, but SL doesn't make it easy to work with the credited "Creator"

  • Q: What's the difference between the Personal and Commercial Editions?
  • A: The functionality of both editions is IDENTICAL. But, skirts generated with the Personal Edition are NO TRANSFER, so you won't be able to give away or sell those skirts. Commercial Editions skirts can be transfered. However, the actual skirt generator itself is NO TRANSFER in BOTH editions.

    With LoopRez Deluxe v0.81, "Edit Linked Parts" can be used to edit a panel of a rezzed skirt in progress; "Touching" the edited panel then propagates the change through the rest of the skirt. For the Commercial Edition, all prim parameter attributes are transfered. However, because of permissions issues, with the Personal Edition, all parameters except texture are transfered. Textures can still be set and propagated using the DropScript.

  • Q: What's the policy on upgrades?
  • A: All upgrades will be free for both Commercial and Personal Editions, and will be automatically sent to all users. If you do NOT wish to receive updates, let me know and you will be removed from the update list. In addition, all upgrades will be announced on the "LoopRez Users" group in Second Life, so if you don't receive an upgrade (or accidentally remove it), let me know.

  • Q: why are there all those little green asterisks?
  • A: they are to remind you that there are still active scripts in each skirt panel. When you are finished adjusting your skirt, issue the /1 DONE command, and the scripts (and floating asterisks) will go away

  • Q: How do I click on the metal ball for info, when it's blocked by a posing avatar?
  • A: You can click on the pose stand instead, or type "/1 TOUCH" which simulates a touch event on the metal ball. You can also type "/1 HELP."

  • Q: Why don't you link the rezzer and pose stand? Having them unlinked means sometimes pieces get left behind when taking back into inventory.
  • A: They are unlinked because the little metal ball should be able to be positioned freely. For example, if you wanted to design a shoulder cuff, you can pose, and then both move AND rotate the metal ball with its attached panels into proper position at the arm. This wouldn't work as well, if the pose stand was linked.

    The pose stand is actually completely dispensable. Feel free to use whatever pose stand you prefer.

  • Q: Grey Goo? I tried to rez 40 panels, not all the panels rezzed, and an error icon popped up that said I hit a "Grey Goo" barrier? What do I do?
  • A: SL's "grey goo" fence is to prevent griefers from using object rezzing from crashing sims. LoopRez Deluxe is made to be as fast as possible, and can activate the grey goo barrier. Version 0.8 of LoopRez Deluxe has a a "/1 DELAY ##" command which will make the panels rez more slowly, and avoid triggering the grey goo fence.

    Best recovery method:
    • select the panels that DID rez, and link them to the little metal ball
    • issue a "/1 DIE" command (removes the panels that did rez)
    • issue a "/1 DELAY 0.8" command (delay of 0.8 seconds between rezzes)
    • "Touch" the little metal ball again, to re-rez

  • Q: I can't link more than 6 or 8 panels.
  • A: This seems to be due to bad lag / packet loss, or a bug in SL itself. With LoopRez Deluxe v0.8, the "/1 AUTOLINK" option was added, to get around the need to link things yourself, at the penalty of a 1 second per panel delay.

    To use it, BEFORE you "Touch" to rez any panels, issue the /1 AUTOLINK command, and THEN "Touch" to rez your panels.

  • Q: When I use the Skirt Programmer, I get a math divide by zero script error?
  • A: There's been some confusion about when to use the SkirtProgrammer. Essentially, what you need to do is ALL the things to generate a skirt, and THEN run the /1 PROGRAM command. The Skirt Programmer works on a skirt that has already been rezzed, but NOT yet completed with the /1 DONE command.

LoopRez Deluxe Known Issues

These come directly from you, so if you're having problems, or have suggestions, please let me know!

Bugs / Problems
  • when Skirt Programmer is run before a skirt is rezzed, it gets a divide by zero error (because it thinks a skirt with ZERO panels is there). Skirt Programmer should be changed to know when it's being run inappropriately.