Saturday, March 3, 2007

Comments on LoopRez Deluxe

This is what makes it all worth it :)

  • OMG this is a very very big help for rush orders. Typically yes I will take the time to meticulously put each prim in the proper place but sometimes, some jobs don't requre so much detail. I think this is great, Thanks for this great tool - NG

  • Some days ago I got the LoopRezzer - its a wonderfull tool ,never made a skirt easy like this. -UD

  • Your free version of this little gem was great this was even better. I was hunt for something that free me up from the tedious task of tweaking numbers and let me get to the core of designing, this dose the trick. I foucs on texturing my strength and do on the fly adjustment much as would as if I were really sewing with real fabric. (I am master level costume designer in RL) -Q

  • I just purchased this item and I have to say I'm very excited about it's ease of use and how quickly you can make a prim skirt! I look forward to a full wardwrobe!!
    Thanks for making something so very helpful!!! - anonymous

  • great working tool,and at half the price of other's that do the same exact thing.....a bargain.Many thanks for making this tool. - KA

  • This product is an absolute MUST for dress/clothes makers.
    I have arthritis & it helps me immensley.
    Not so much fiddling about. I can now concentrate on making good clothes in great time.
    Thanx so much Ged for coming up with this fantastic gadget :) - BS

  • I bought this item on about February 15, 2007 for about L$2200. I actually already had another prim skirt maker, which is quite good, that cost more than twice as much as the LoopRez. I like the LoopRez better. The first advantage of the the LoopRez is that it has copy permission so I'm not nervous all the time about the possibility of accidentally deleting it or messing it up. Also I find that the center ball makes it easier to adjust a skirt properly on an avatar. The the Parameter Template DropScript works great too. I'm very pleased with the skirts I've made using this tool. I recommend it for making prim skirts. -KK

  • This is a must-have product for the beginning dressmaker, and even for experienced dressmakers.

    I'd previously tried the ###### and been dissatisfied with it's functionality, so was hesitant to buy another product. But, after trying the personal version, I was completely sold on this script and invested in the commercial version.

    Even if you like to modify your skirts afterward (which isn't necessarily a requirement when using this product), the LoopRez Deluxe will save you hours of time creating your baseline skirt.

    Thank you for taking the time to create this product, and for making it so flexible and easy to use!! -RD

  • I just bought your LoopRezDeluxe, and I just want to say that I love it. You're a true genius! ;) -SS

  • Hello Ged, I just bought your LoopRez Deluxe and I love it -NS

  • I am very sorry to bother you with a direct IM , but I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the LoopRez Generator , its a fantastic invention :-) Thank you very much. -ID

  • I just had to tell you thank you for making the Looprez deluxe commercial. it is so cool. I hope you continue to make more cool items. thank you again. -KS

  • Hey, it's cool, hon! I just got the LoopRez Deluxe yesterday, and for the first time, I've been able to make clothes! -LC

  • From a happy customer: Thank you ever so much for developing the Free LoopRez script. I've played about with it, and loved it. It made my life so much easier in SL! You made my day when I discovered it. I've treated myself to your commercial edition and I look forward to having lots of fun with it. Thanks again! -UP

  • thanks for making such a wonderfully useful script! - RH

  • Ged, your device is simply fantastic. I picked it up today and have been tinkering to get the hang of it. Having made panel skirts 'by hand' before I nearly fell off my chair when I saw there was a way to automate the process! Thank you so much! -MC

  • I'd like to ... thank you so much for proceeding with your plans and releasing the LoopRez Deluxe. As an owner of both products now, I can say with all honesty that there simply aren't any improvements to your product that could be suggested based on his. The LoopRez is far superior in every way. - BD

  • I love your LoopRez!!!! I just took the class on it - IE

  • I just wanted to stop by and say "Thank You!" for your looprez script. Really, you cannot imagine how tedious making a flexidress was before this. - VT

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