Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New LSL commands for setting linked prim parameters

Things that make script geeks happy -- I came across this in the forums:

New LSL Commands in 1.13.4 (posted by Milo Linden)

These seem to have slipped from the release notes, but i know quite a few have been looking forward to these.

Currently on the aditi beta grid.

llSetLinkTexture(integer link_pos, string texture, integer face)
Sets the texture of face for link_pos

llSetLinkPrimitiveParams(integer linknumber, list rules)
Set primitive parameters for linknumber based on rules.

Each with a 0.2 second sleep and rules as per their non link counterpart.

What does it mean? It will make life SO much easier to pass prim parameter information between linked sets. Faster too. And, reduce memory requirements. The SkirtProgrammer should become MUCH easier to extend to modify anything.

It's not slated for release for a few months, but it will be very welcome when it arrives!