Wednesday, February 7, 2007

any tips on scripting for product update delivery?

I posted this on the official SL Forums this morning, looking for advice:

I was wondering if anyone had any general tips on writing product delivery scripts.

I've released my first product, which contains a few prims and 4 scripts, and already, it's time to send out an update to deal with... "issues" (stomp those bugs! Because updates will occasionally include completely new scripts, I can't simply use llRemoteLoadScriptPin.

So, I think the only option is to use: llGiveInventory

But then, I need a list of all the keys of the users. But, although there's an llKey2Name, there's no llName2Key function, right? Neither the SL transaction history, or SL Boutique, or SL Exchange appears to make available the keys to the users.

What's the best way to keep a list of the keys of all the users?

My guess, and PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong:
- this time, I'll have to manually search each user, and drop the new product on their profile
- the new product will somehow communicate the owner's key to me (what's the best way? email?) I've never been a fan of RL products that "phone home", and this bugs me a little.
- in the future, I'll have a list of keys, and would write a script looping through them all and do an llGiveInventory (what's the best way? reading lines off a notecard?)

Or perhaps, have a notecard with all the avatar names, and then an object in a store the users would need to go to. When they touched the updater object, the avatar's name could be checked off the notecard list, and if present, the updated object could be given to them. Perhaps their avatar KEY could also be recorded at this point, with their permission. This avoids the "product phone home" distastefulness too.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.