Wednesday, February 21, 2007

First Land, and good people

Yesterday, without any warning, Linden Labs announced the end of the First Land program. It was a bit disappointing, because I had actually upgraded to a Premium account just 7 or 8 days prior, in the hopes of someday acquiring a little parcel to call my own. I was going to write what I think of Linden Labs, but...

... instead, I'll just publicly thank some people, who will remain nameless. But you know who you are!

Thank you to the decent human being who had a parcel of First Land of her own that she no longer needed, and felt badly about what Linden Labs had done. She wanted to find someone to sell it to, at the far-below-market value of L$1 per square meter. Totally understandably, she didn't want to "give" it away to someone who would immediately resell it for a 10-fold profit. That's not what First Land was meant for.

Thanks to a friend who knew of my disappointment about First Land, for remembering me, and for connecting us.

It's silly, but it was such an exciting moment when I went to that parcel, and clicked Buy for L$512 and... I was a landowner! Sure it's not much, but it's a place to call home (and was immediately set as my new home location, LOL).

Really, it reaffirms my belief that there really are good, decent people out there, who choose to do something nice for essentially a random stranger, rather than to make a profit. Thanks again. I only wish that all the other Premium members who just wanted a little place to call their own, could also have been as fortunate as I.

Time to try my hand at writing a "scene rezzer", to make the most of this little plot :)