Thursday, February 1, 2007

Some ideas?

I met a charming individual named Meni Kaiousei in SL today, who suggested that perhaps LoopRez might benefit from a User Group, for announcements of new versions, updates, and help.

I like the idea!

But, if we had a group (which, I believe, requires at least 3 people, so if nobody else is interested, I'll hold off), I do have one concern. While it would be great if users were willing to help out other users having problems, I'm worried that if I'm not logged in at the time, I won't hear about the problem or difficulty. And if anything was confusing enough that people had to ask for help to get it to work, I'd rather hear about it, so I can try to improve it. We'll see :)

An unrelated idea: I'd like to collect a photo gallery here on the blog of objects (dresses, skirts, buildings, whatever) created with the assistance of any version of LoopRez. I really like seeing what so many talented designers have been able to create. (For example, when I met Meni, she was wearing a lovely floral print skirt, with lace trim -- very nice!)

If you'd like to share, please send me a photo of your creation ("full permission", so I can download the picture off SL and upload it here). I'd also be happy to list your name, store name, or SLURL store location too, if you'd like!