Saturday, February 3, 2007

A few notes, and another wonderful concert

The FREE LoopRez v0.61 script, and LoopRez Deluxe packages are now available at SL Exchange and at SLBoutique, to give more options for distribution. It will still be less expensive to obtain them at Sirena Fashions, though.

The initial response to LoopRez Deluxe has been nicely favorable! I'm wondering whether it'd be rather gauche to ask permission of the people who sent IM's or posted nice comments to quote them, either anonymously or not?

There is now an open membership "LoopRez User" group in Second Life, for upgrade announcements and peer-to-peer support. Any bugs or problems should still definitely be reported directly to me though!

And on an unrelated note, I had the pleasure again of hearing Catherine Moody perform classical music on the piano last night. What a talented and charming individual! I can't highly enough recommend that everyone who has the least interest of hearing beautiful piano music try to hear her perform.

Sometimes I feel rather out-of-place, amongst the creative designers, skilled musicians, artistic poets and writers, and imaginative role-players that can be found throughout Second Life. Although I am slowly acquiring expertise and experience in scripting, still, it feels so very technical. I continue to very much admire, and rather envy, those who possess such an aesthetic sense. Perhaps if I try to hang around them, some of it will rub off ;)