Monday, February 5, 2007

Product support, and LSL aaarrgghhh's...

Cut and pasted, basically straight out of a notecard sent to some LoopRez Deluxe users who have had some problems: two people who can not link more than 6 to 8 objects at a time, and a crazed (and I mean it in the nicest way) individual who makes 60 prim skirts, and has run into grey goo problems.

After writing it, I thought other users might be interested in the progress / troubleshooting.

LoopRez Deluxe v0.67 BETA

- NOT well tested yet

Linking problems, can not link more than 6 - 8 panels
  • added the option to have the LoopRez do all the linking by itself, without user input
  • this will add a 1 second per panel delay (llCreateLink has a built-in delay), so people without linking problems wouldn't want this
  • to activate it, type /1 AUTOLINK, BEFORE you touch to rez the panels, and it'll give you a message that autolink is ON
  • to deactivate it, type /1 AUTOLINK again, and it'll tell you that it's off again
  • with the 2 users who were having this problem, AUTOLINK seems to have resolved the problem

Grey goo barrier problems
  • added the option to slow down rezzing, to prevent running into the grey goo barrier
  • type: /1 DELAY ##, where ## in the per panel delay in seconds
  • the default is 0.0 seconds

Memory of prim parameters
  • split out some functions of LoopRez into yet another script (the package now includes 5 distinct scripts, all inter-communicating), to see if that would free up enough memory to "remember" prim parameters after changing number of objects / "die" commands / between sessions
  • /1 reset will reset all scripts, clearing out the prim parameter memory
  • I've had a script crash once, with memory running out, but it hasn't been reproducible
  • I need to make sure memory issues won't recur..

Pretty much failed attempt to get rid of that DropScript
  • I was hoping that by using "edit linked parts" on a skirt that has been rezzed, a new method to tweak skirts would be possible
  • Goal: in edit menu, check off "Edit linked parts", and then edit ONE isolated panel within a rezzed skirt; then "Touch" that edited panel, and a dialog window would allow you to propagate the change through the rest of the skirt
  • after doing a heck of a lot of script re-writing, I *then* found out that you can NOT change "flexi" parameters even if "Edit Linked Parts" is checked. DANG DANG DANG
  • well, it does seem to work for size / color / texture, at least
  • I disabled rotations for now, because that would involve more rotation math, and I'm not fond of rotation math
  • back to the drawing board. I hate LSL sometimes
Edited 2/9/07 to add: WOOHOO! "Edit Linked Parts" works just fine, I just wasn't doing it right. Adjusting an attached panel on a skirt in progress, and propagating any adjustments through the rest of the skirt ought to work beautifully -- I think this will be much more intuitive than using that DropScript.