Thursday, March 29, 2007

Linji Haven Progress Report

Public Space Expansion

I think I'll go ahead and reserve TWO 1,024 sqm parcels near the center of the Sim as public areas, that Linji residents can collaborate and cooperatively sculpt into a pleasant center park / plaza / open space. I imagined that one 1,024 sqm parcel just wouldn't be enough to maintain a sense of open space.

Rental system set-up

I have purchased and read the documentation of the HippoTech Rental System (looks great, hopefully easy to get started up).

Group abilities and roles

The concern is that due to the restrictions of Mainland (compared with private islands), ALL members of the group with an ability will be able to apply that ability to ANY parcel in Linji Haven.

I do not worry so much about malicious damage -- hopefully the Sim will select for people who will play nice and be considerate -- but it is altogether too easy to mis-click and cause inadvertent damage. So, the goal is to give EVERY ability that is safe to give to all residents of Linji Haven. Other abilities (like terraforming) might be given for a couple hours at a time upon request, and then removed. And finally, some will never be given -- like, the ability to sell the entire Sim for L$1)

Because all these settings are quite new to me, and because there is little documentation, I would like to list them all here, and perhaps people can tell me why some innocuous ability is actually "dangerous," or why some "dangerous" ones are actually fine.