Thursday, March 29, 2007

Map of the Linji Sim, and parcel requests

Linji Haven availability: all parcels claimed

Parcels are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. When a request is posted here specifying a specific parcel, that spot will be "reserved" for a couple of days. If not claimed in a couple of days, it will be released to the next person who requested it.

The above shows the entire Sim, with blue markers placed every 32 m. A square of four blue markers encloses 1,024 sq m. Encouraged plot sizes are 2,048 (two squares) to 4,096 sq m (four squares).

One central and one peripheral 2,048 sq m plots is being reserved for use by the community to turn into public spaces, for example for use as public plazas, parks, meeting spaces or performance venues. Also, I am very likely going to permanently assign three 1,024 sq m plots as "Linji Haven Protected Land," which will not be available for public projects, but will kept as low-prim green and open spaces (with trees, bushes, and perhaps paths and a few parkbenches.)

I also wonder whether those interested in low-impact commercial endeavors might be encouraged to take plots that are more central, perhaps along a path, to maximize their foot-traffic. Residential only plots might be more comfortable on the perimeter, where they could be afforded more privacy?

I've scribbled in possible paths below. They look "grid-like" here, but I hope they'd wander a little bit, back and forth, around vegetation, trees, rocks, etc. But, these are YOUR parcels, the final design will be up to you. I just wanted to start by penciling in some ideas. Suggestions welcome!

Current list of participants:

People who are considering joining the community might want to check out the Linji sim in person, and post a comment requesting what size parcel and the preferred location. I'll update the map whenever I can, to show how the planning is coming along.

After I receive your request, I'll parcel the land and set up a rental box set to your SL avatar name. If you change your mind, or don't "claim" the box after say 3 - 5 days, I'll open up the spots again so other people can request them.

The planned use listed certainly is NOT "binding", but I thought it might help people choose locations near friends or to facilitate cooperative efforts.

  • Ged Larsen: mostly residential; maybe a script gadget store ;)
  • Sierra Mills: probably residential
  • Taffy Allandale: mixed residential / commercial (Taffy Apple Designs)
  • Gabriel Watanabe: residential
  • Eleanora Newell: light retail
  • Stephen Bentham / Caliah Lyon
  • camilla Yosuke (retail)
  • Charron Marseille / Roslin Petion / Morgaine Maktoum
  • Euterpe Zagoskin / Caliah Lyon: light retail (Haute Couture clothing, Muse Jewelry)
  • Shizuka Hayashida
  • Tigress Jewell (residential and retail)
  • Crispin Cleanslate (medieval theme, retail)
  • Tiy Ferraris (ancient Egypt educational museum and shop)
  • Stephen Bentham (light retail and public space)
  • Harriet Hallard (non-commercial build)
  • Tamala Tombola (medieval theme, retail)
  • JH + Jessie Gervasi (residential + retail)
  • Patric Rotunno + Theodote Carthage (residential + art gallery)

Requests submitted:
  • Lizbeth Saens (waitlist)
  • Stuart Simonds (waitlist; prefer 3,072, but 2,048 OK; residential and future retail)
  • Nefertiti Nefarious (posted on Linji Haven, proposal for more green space", but parcel too small -- 512 sq m)
  • no more requests are being taken


Amount of rent will be closely tied to the Linden Lab Mainland Tier Schedule, recalculated in L$ per week at the current L$ sell exchange rate, correcting for the 3.5% LL exchange fee.

Example: if the current L$ "sell" rate is L$267 per US$1 + 3.5% LL exchange fee:
  • 1,024 sq m: US$8/month = L$2,211/month = L$507/week
  • 2,048 sq m: US$15/month = L$4,145/month = L$951/week
  • 3,072 sq m: US$20/month = L$5,527/month = L$1,268/week
  • 4,096 sq m: US$25/month = L$6,909/month = L$1,586/week