Tuesday, March 13, 2007

LandScanner v1.0

LandScanner v1.0 is an avatar-attached multi-purpose tool performing functions ranging from prim-counting and parcel analysis, to sim-wide land-ownership and terrain evaluation. It is highly configurable and able to provide information across multiple parcels in multiple Sims with minimal user intervention.

LandScanner v1.0 available now at SL Exchange and SL Boutique, and will be available very soon in-world.

  • for each parcel, LandScanner reports:
    • parcel name, description, and size
    • parcel owner (avatar name and key) and group (key)
    • parcel prim counts
      • total prims by category (owner, group, other, selected, temp on rez)
      • if you own the land parcel, lists number of prims used by avatar name
    • parcel flags (i.e., fly, scripts, landmarks, terraform, damage, create objects, access group, ban list, land pass list, spatialized sound, push restriction)

  • for each Sim, LandScanner reports:
    • all avatars (names and keys) and groups (keys) that own land in that sim
    • maximal and minimal terrain elevations
    • approximate percentage of sim terraformable to water
    • calculate the average "slopiness" of the terrain in the sim, a degree of how un-flat the Sim is
    • region flags (i.e., damage, fixed sun, block terraform, sandbox, collisions, physics, fly, telehub, push restriction)
    • entire lists of sims can be cut and pasted from the Linden Lab "Auctions" page, for convenient teleportation to and analysis of upcoming sims

  • completely flexible configuration, via a notecard, to specify:
    • as many parcels, in as many different sims, as desired
    • whether whole-sim terrain analysis should be performed
    • whether whole-sim land ownership analysis should be performed
    • whether parcel flags and region flags should be displayed

  • output to owner chat, allowing copy / paste from the chat history

How to use the LandScanner:
  • wear the LandScanner as an attachment
  • right-click the LandScanner and choose Edit
    • navigate to the Contents Tab
    • double-click the notecard "scan program" to open it
  • edit the contents of the notecard "scan program" as desired
    • see the Notecard Configuration section and sample notecards below
    • save the notecard
  • close the notecard window and edit window
  • touch the attached LandScanner to start!

Notecard configuration:

  • sample notecards, from very simple to complex, are included below
  • LandScanner starts at the top of the notecard, and works its way down
  • blank lines are ignored
  • all characters after a '/' character in a line are ignored (helpful for comments)

  • SIM~simname, or simname (#,#)... (the format of the LL Auction page)
    • if not currently in the sim "simname", will offer teleport to that sim
    • once arrived, will execute any whole-sim analysis desired

  • PARCEL~x,y~comment
    • will analyze the parcel at the coordinates in the current sim
    • "comment" is an optional comment that will be in the report
    • the report will note if the prim allotment is exceeded
    • if comment ends with "|###", "###" will be taken as a maximal prim count (rather than the LL-assigned max prim count, based on parcel area)

    • all subsequent Sims in the notecard program have terrain analysis done if TRUE, or not, if FALSE

    • all subsequent Sims in the notecard program have land owner cataloging done if TRUE, or not, if FALSE

    • all subsequent Sims and Parcels in the notecard program will have Sim and Parcel flags reported if TRUE, or not, if FALSE

  • SCAN~## (default 8 meters)
    • sets the scan distance in whole-sim analysis to "##" meters
    • ## = 4 meters will be a completely accurate but slow scan (all 4,096 4x4 meter possible parcels will be analyzed)
    • ## = 8 meters will be 4x faster

  • DELAY~## (default 7.5 seconds)
    • set the waiting time allowed to return an avatar name from a UUID key to ## seconds
    • set higher for more accuracy or laggy sims

Sample Notecards:

  • Goal: check prim counts in 2 parcels located at <40,50> and <70,90> within the sim "ThisLand". If you own the land and are renting parcels out, this will report prim-usage by avatar, for each parcel.

  • Same as above, but with optional comment and 234 as specified prim limit. Useful if you've allowed a "double-prim allowance" on your parcel.
    PARCEL~40,50~comment about a plot|234
    PARCEL~70,90~another comment|234

  • Same as above, but then teleport to the sim AnotherLand, and check another parcel. Great if you are renting out parcels in multiple sims.
    PARCEL~40,50~comment about a plot|234
    PARCEL~70,90~another comment|234


  • Same as above, but also include parcel flags for the parcels in AnotherLand, and after checking the parcels, check a high-resolution sim-wide owner analysis of the sim GooberVille. Finding all owners of land in GooberVille may facilitate forming a Sim Landowners Group, or identifying people who might wish to buy or sell land within the Sim.
    PARCEL~40,50~comment about a plot|234
    PARCEL~70,90~another comment|234



  • Same as above, but finally, do a lower resolution terrain analysis (without flags or owner lists) of a set of Sims cut and pasted from the Linden Labs Auction page. A very quick way to get a sense of which new Sims may have waterfront potential.
    PARCEL~40,50~comment about a plot|234
    PARCEL~70,90~another comment|234



    Mills Haven (128,128) Mature 65504m 2h 23m US$2,751.00
    Ottewell (128,128) Mature 65536m 2h 24m US$2,751.00
    Malvern (128,128) Mature 65536m 2h 24m US$2,732.00
    Peacock Park (128,128) PG 60656m 2h 25m US$2,539.00
    Laurier (128,128) Mature 65536m 2h 37m US$2,731.00
    Granville (128,128) PG 60544m 2h 37m US$2,501.00
    Maplegrove (128,128) Mature 60144m 2h 41m US$2,632.00
    Granada (128,128) PG 62944m 2h 41m US$2,601.00

  • As you can see, notecard scanning programs can be as simple or as complex as you want

  • recommend being in "fly" mode, at an altitude at least 50 meters above ground
    • "no-script" zones do not apply, when high enough over the ground

  • however, Sims with defined "telehubs" may force you to no-script ground levels, so you might have to manually fly back up
    • if your scanner program seems to stop, make sure you are not in no-script territory

  • inter-sim teleport is not possible via the LSL scripting language without any user intervention, so you will have to click the "Teleport" button when moving between sims

  • how "fine" the sim-wide scan depends on how accurate you want the results to be
    • the minimum size of a parcel is 4 x 4 meters (frequently used for those 16 sq m ad spam lots), so if you want to be sure to detect these, you will want a "SCAN" fineness of 4 meters
      • will catalog EVERY owner of land in the sim
    • scanning every 8 meters will be 4x faster, and will catch every parcel greater than or equal to 8 x 8 meters
      • will catalog almost every owner of land in the sim
    • scanning every 16 meters will be 16x faster than the 4 meter scan
      • good for a quick terrain analysis

  • the "DELAY" time will determine how accurate assignment of owner to an avatar vs. a group will be
    • there is no LSL function at present to determine for sure whether a UUID key belongs to a group
    • there is no way to retrieve the group name via a UUID key
    • instead, LSL forces you to try to find an avatar name linked with a UUID key, and if no response is returned, we assume it was a UUID to a group
    • the "DELAY" time is how many seconds the script will wait for an avatar name to be returned, before giving up and assuming that the UUID is for a group
    • set the "DELAY" time higher for more accuracy, or in laggy sims

  • LSL allows checking of current ground height and terrain slope, but not what the original pre-terraforming levels are
    • therefore, estimates of percent of sim able to be converted to water may be inaccurate
    • for example, imagine an entire sim with an original elevation throughout of 4.1 meters which is then maximally terraformed downwards to an elevation of 0.1 meters; when the LandScanner runs, it will erroneously report that the entire land mass is within terraforming distance of water, although in actuality, none of it will be

  • LSL does NOT support checking to see whether a parcel is for sale, for what price, or allowing automated buying
    • the "Landbots" that you may have heard of use custom-written clients to access SL

  • if Linden Labs updates LSL to allow for any of the above issues to be dealt with, LandScanner will be updated and distributed to all purchasers