Friday, March 30, 2007

Linji Haven, future ideas

Hodge-podge of ideas, about furthering formation of "community" in Linji Haven:
  • sharing textures or objects, to better integrate the visual feel of various parcels
    • if a particular footpath / road texture can be agreed upon, it'd be nice if we could all have access to it
    • nobody can "force" anyone else to use the same texture, but some may wish to use the same style, to keep things nice looking
    • the same might go for, say, lamp-posts, public benches, etc.

  • sharing / discounting creations
    • there seem to be a significant number of content creators in our midst
    • I'd be happy to write a vendor script that would sell or give objects ONLY to people who are in the Linji Haven group

  • community events?
    • I'm really, really wanting to try to convince some musicians I know (in the rather tiny Classical Music community) to perform live. This wouldn't be a "regular" thing (remember our guidelines: low-impact events, no huge crowds that will shut down the sim to others), but I'm thinking more along the lines of a half dozen to a dozen people in an audience

  • public space building
    • I think it'd be a bad idea for a single individual to, on their own, just start building in the public areas. I can see hard feelings and conflict, if either someone else didn't like what was built, or if they had wanted to contribute
    • rather, it might be good if people who were interested in beautifying the public areas had a way to cooperate, either by building at the same time, or by having a forum where suggestions and ideas could be shared
    • I posted in a comment someplace that perhaps a public Wiki (readable by all, but posts only by Linji Haven group members) could be used to coordinate efforts

As for sharing objects and creations, here's my contribution:
  • a week or so ago, I wrote a parcel audio-stream radio, that can read an unlimited number of audio stream URLs from a notecard
  • when clicked, you choose your station via pages of buttons, with each button labeled with the station name
  • I'm planning on putting this in a script store, but would like to distribute it to all the Residents in Linji sim free -- especially since any parcel audio radio requires being deeded to group, which only I can do, so maybe this will preempt some minor hassle for me ;)