Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Meeting creative talent: Caliah Lyon and Argent Stonecutter

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Caliah Lyon, via a mutual friend. She's already shown herself a talented jeweler (Muse Jewelry in Imogen), and is now branching into watch-making. The watch-making is how I had the good fortune to meet her -- her watches needed a little more movement to them, so I wrote a script for the clock hands (hour, minute, and second), so that the timepieces would show the correct time.

The script was a fun little exercise, but best of all was getting the chance to see in person the exquisite detail work that goes into tiny prim sculpture. Let's just say that I was unable to even test the scripts, because I didn't even have the skill to select a watch hand, let alone manipulate it. Anyhow, I hope the watches will be released soon. In the meantime, I'll take the liberty of displaying the picture that she shows on her blog page:

Also, last night I got to meet Argent Stonecutter, who happened to be test-flying a very cool flying machine over the wide open spaces over Linji. I knew of Argent from his very informative posts in the Scripting forum, and just had to hail him. We had a pleasant chat, and showed off various scripting thingies we had each written. I got to pull out my ancient Lissajous prim thingie as well as a medium-sized geodesic dome, and he let me swoop and soar on his really incredible flying machine (I've got to get me one of those things...)

I think the best part of SL is meeting people who are talented and creative.